What is the best coffee machine for home use

If you are a regular coffee drinker, then maybe it is time to consider buying a coffee machine for your home to give you an instant coffee every time you crave one without having to leave your house. Coffee machines would not only provide you with a constant coffee option but would also help you in reducing your coffee costs as you won’t need to buy one every day.

But there are a lot of coffee machines out there which can make it a little difficult to choose the best one for you. So we reviewed a bunch of coffee machines and found that Black & Decker DMC600B 5-Cup Coffee Maker is by far the best coffee machine for home as featured at Freshpresso.


Although this coffee machine doesn’t cost more than $20, you can rest assured that it would provide you with top quality coffee in just a matter of minutes. One of the simplest and easiest coffee makers to use, this one allows you a one-push button feature to give you an instant, delicious cup of coffee in no time at all. Its compact design makes it easier to store in small spaces and since it is lightweight, you can move it from one place to another with considerable ease.

Although it produces only 5 cups of coffee every time which might be considered a less quantity for many households, its ease of use and cleaning makes it really popular among the homemakers. You can easily read the carafe and coffee maker water fill viewing window with the easy-to-read marking which helps you in checking the water level and allowing you to make a refill whenever needed. Its removable filter basket makes it super-duper easy to clean and saves you a lot of time. Apart from all these awesome features, it also comes with a cord storage system which helps you in avoiding the messy look and keeps your kitchen clean and organized.


  • Easy to use with one push button
  • Easy to clean with its removable filter basket
  • Water level easy to read
  • Quickly produces you with a medium strength coffee
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy storage


  • Frequent breaks in the machine
  • Some parts might stop working
  • Only provides you with a medium strength coffee
  • Sometimes tastes a little of plastic


This coffee machine is indeed an excellent choice for homes and is a great value for money at just $20. It is easy to use and clean which can come handy for people when using at home, making it a huge time saver. You can get your early morning coffees in just a matter of minutes without much work which could prove helpful for those people who are always in a hurry and need their morning dose quickly.

It’s simple and uncluttered design make it really popular among people and although it does have a few drawbacks, it advantages more than makeup for it. At such a low price, this is the best coffee machine out there which gives you what you want with a considerable ease.

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