Donald W.

“I was diagnosed with early onset diabetes in late 2011.  Up until that point, my diet was horrible.  I ate whatever I wanted to eat and my weight got to an all time high.   I was introduced to Whitney through a mutual friend, Catie Madden.   Actually, Catie made me call her!  That was the best call!!!  Since then, I have lost 16 pounds and my diet is incredibly better.  Whitney comes to my home once a week, she goes to the grocery store, cooks food at my home and leaves food for the entire week.
The food is AMAZING!  I had no idea that healthy food could taste so good!  I have eaten at the best restaurants and Whitney’s food rivals any of those places.  She truly has a gift and it is easy to see that she loves what she does.  Not only is it easy and convenient for me, but, more important, it is healthy and it is making a difference (my weight is down and my blood sugar levels are normal again).   Also, it is cheaper than eating out every meal like I was doing before.
Give Whitney a call!  She is an amazing person and her food is phenomenal.  I look forward to coming home each week and seeing what she has prepared!”
~Personal Chef and Weight Loss Client
Terri S.
“Our family from the youngest, 10 months, to the oldest, 57 years, all enjoyed the food made by Whitney Reist, The Dietitian In The Kitchen.  Whitney made our menus, took into account our likes and dislikes of certain foods, shopped for our groceries, and prepared the meals in our home.  She was always willing to share recipes and teach us how to prepare the same dishes ourselves.  
The convenience of being an active family and coming home to healthy, well prepared meals was wonderful.  I was not always worrying about what we would eat or what we could pick up to eat at night.  Whitney has a vast array of menus so we rarely ate the same meals, even over the year’s time that she cooked for us.  I would highly recommend Whitney to anyone who wants to eat a healthy well balanced diet and also that wants the food to be delicious.  We didn’t realize that healthy eating could taste this good! “
~ Personal Chef  Client
Amanda N. 
As an expectant mother of twins who developed gestational diabetes and was placed on bed-rest,  Amanda reached out to DITK for a detailed nutrition and meal plan.  Her goals were to support a healthy pregnancy, maintain safe blood-sugar levels, and have healthy meal ideas that would be easy for family and friends to help provide.
“The meal plans are awesome and have helped me so much! I have followed all of your suggestions and my blood sugar levels are perfect.   Thank you so much!”
Tenet Healthcare
Dietitian in the Kitchen had the pleasure of catering Tenet Healthcare’s booth at the American Heart Association Walk in September of 2013.  Drinks, fruit and snacks were provided for nearly 1000 hungry runners and walkers.
“Dietitian in the Kitchen did such a great job.  Everything looked great.  We hope to work with them again at future events.”
Jessica B.

“I wanted to send you a message of how grateful I am for our meeting. The wisdom you shared with me about “intuitive eating” has really revolutionized how I approach food! I eat what I crave, but stop as soon as I’m satisfied, which causes me to eat WAY less food and still feel quite full. I also have found that I crave healthier foods naturally because I’m more aware of how eating certain foods (especially fried foods, white breads, and sugar) make me feel (namely, gross!).

Anyway, I don’t eat like each meal is my absolute last. I enjoy it, slowly, and don’t cut out what I really like. I also have become more aware of my thirst, which I think I have mistaken for hunger in the past. I drink more water and no longer crave sugary drinks.

Since we talked, I have now lost 13 pounds! This is without cutting out a food group, doing extreme exercise, or taking certain vitamins or pills–I just STOP when I’m full. A simple concept but a revolutionary one for me. It’s sickening for me to think of how many years I’ve spent overeating–and not really knowing it! I have found that I only need to eat about 1/2 to a 1/4 of the portion size I used to intake and still feel very satisfied. I am NEVER hungry, rarely obsessively craving, and far more in tune with my body. I love it! I still enjoy food immensely, but it is no longer the central bondage and obsession it used to be for me.

So if anyway ever asks you how to lose weight, tell them what you told me. Because I have not only lost weight, I have broken, through God’s grace, an addictive habit as well: overeating.”

Shanel F.
“As a mom with two young boys, I want to start them off on the right foot with healthy eating habits. My husband was looking to find healthy foods that also taste good, & improve his overall health. I grew up eating lots of comfort foods that I knew weren’t the most nutritious choices out there, but cooked those types of meals for my family because it was what I knew how to do without stressing over how meals would turn out.
I was referred to Whitney and she truly gave me an eye-opening experience! We went to a couple of different grocery stores together over a couple of weeks, and I gained so much knowledge from those trips. She taught me how to choose clean, healthy foods, and also showed me types of foods to limit. Right away I started making healthier (but still tasty!) choices for my family, and felt great about it.
Whitney  also gave me cooking lessons that were awesome. I learned how to plan menus, prep meals, knife skills – and all in the comfort of my home. I thought it was great having her at my house to teach me recipes using my own range/oven and equipment. We have been using her techniques & tasty recipes (all given a big thumbs up by my family, even the kids) and it was an overall great investment. Whitney is awesome to work with, I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their diet &/or confidence in the kitchen.”

Melanie S.

“I was recommended to work with Whitney for gastric/esophageal issues, along with rheumatoid arthritis. I am very glad I did. She has so much knowledge and listens well to put everything together for you. We put together guidelines for me to follow (wish I always did) and she even came to cook with us one night. I am next going to work with her for some weekly menu planning to further take advantage of her knowledge. I only wish I had more time to work with her. Definitely recommend her.”