Hi there and welcome to Ditkfood!  I’m Whitney, the author, cook, dietitian, recipe developer, grocery shopper, photographer, dishwasher,  media correspondent, accountant, and bookkeeper for this blog.  The handsome man next to me in this picture is my husband, Ryan.  He is the sports dietitian, exercise physiologist, taste tester, motivator, encourager, sous chef, second dishwasher, and workout buddy that keeps me company.  Together, we make up the team behind the Sweet Cayenne food blog, Dietitian in the Kitchen Personal Chef Service, and R3 Sports Nutrition.

My journey as a dietitian began 5 years ago with my first job at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, TX; working in the outpatient cancer center. Living in the culinary melting pot that is Dallas and helping my patients learn how to eat, thrive, and survive during cancer treatment awakened my passion for food and cooking; which in turn led me to attend culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu.  From there I decided to take a giant {and scary} leap of faith in starting my own personal chef and nutrition consulting business at Dietitian in the Kitchen.  I’ve since started this food blog to document and share my culinary adventures and also relocated to Lincoln, NE for Ryan’s job as Sports Dietitian for the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers.

As far as cooking {and eating!} goes,  I’m up for just about anything.  Ryan and I don’t follow any particular diet because we love to approach food with an open mind and desire to make cooking and eating an exciting adventure.  We tend to follow the 80/20 rule: 80% we choose to eat whole, unprocessed, nutrition-packed foods that will nourish and sustain our bodies in the best way possible.  This involves many plant-based and even some completely vegetarian meals that are full of color and flavor.  The other 20% of the time we throw caution to the wind and try whatever excites and develops our taste palate.  Food should be fun, right? I think so.  We can enjoy these 20% foods guilt-free and indulge in the look, aroma, taste, and texture of great food because we know that, for the most, part, our diet consists of healthy foods that look and taste delicious!

Besides food and cooking, things I love about life are my sweet family in VA and TX,following my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, talking about fashion and clothes with my mom and 4 sisters, enjoying simple things like eating outside, taking long walks, thrift store finds, and board games.  I would describe my home decorating style as “rustic elegance,” and can’t wait to buy a home where I can design my own kitchen space and have a whole room devoted to pantry storage, cookbooks, and kitchen gadgets.  Oh, and if you talk to Ryan, remind him about the wood-burning pizza oven I want outside for the porch. :)